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Lupantte Cradle Cap Wash Kit

Lupantte Cradle Cap Wash Kit

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Newborn Essential Supplies

Includes the necessary tools to meet the daily care needs of your baby

Silicone Cradle Cap Brush

A soft silicone brush can prevent nails from scratching the scalp and help remove breast scabs. The gentle silicone brush design is ergonomic and easy to clean, making it a necessity for newborns.

Curved Comb

The curved design of the comb can better fit the shape of the head and make it smoother to comb. The brush is circular, smooth and free of burrs, and the scalp will not be damaged. Gently massage along the head shape and use a fine toothed comb to remove fetal dirt, which can effectively reduce itching in the baby's head.

2 In 1 Shower Brush

More effective than using your hands. The bristles are soft enough to make you feel comfortable and tough enough to thoroughly clean the skin. One side is a soft long mane, which can stimulate blood circulation and reduce fat clumps in problem areas by rubbing it against the skin.

Flexible Baby Finger Toothbrush

Made of food-grade silicone, very soft and safe for baby, fits snugly on an adult index finger while cleaning your baby's mouth. Baby toothbrushes have a two-sided design. Using the soft bristles side to clean the mouth, and the bumps on the back to clean the tongue and massage the gums.

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