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RaZbaby Automatically Closing Pacifier

RaZbaby Automatically Closing Pacifier

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Closes when dropped

The only and original automatically closing shields that close when falling to keep the nipple clean. Use on the go in airplanes, cars, mall, park, etc.

Soft and Comfy

Pacifiers Shield is wrapped in soft materials to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Opening angle has also been increased vs previous keep it kleen generations for more comfortable fit. 98% nipple acceptance.

Includes 2 Pacifiers

Each pack includes 2 premium baby pacifiers. Nipple is all silicone and one size fits all (0-36m). Makes the perfect gift for baby girls and baby boys.

Pacifier Case

Since shields are permanently attached, no more lost covers. Simply close the pacifier and throw it in your purse or bag and it will be ready go to.

Care Instructions

Sterilize each pacifier before use by pouring boiling water over it, squeezing any remaining water out, and letting dry for 4–6 hours. We recommend a replacement every 4-6 weeks for both safety and hygienic reasons. DO NOT use a sterilizer or put in the microwave as it will ruin the pacifier.

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